Recreational Sales Of Edibles Start In Oregon Today


Today recreational marijuana dispensaries began selling infused edibles to customers in Oregon.

Candy, brownies, cookies, and chips will only scratch the surface of the products that will hit the market in Oregon.

Newly approved regulations will permit edible products containing up to 15mg of THC to be sold to recreational consumers.   The minimum age to purchase edible marijuana is 21. Since marijuana impacts each individual in a unique way, consumers are encouraged to wait 90 minutes to four hours before exceeding a 15 mg dosage.  The Oregon Health Authority urged caution for those consuming marijuana-infused edibles, especially those who are not accustomed to doing so. “While you quickly feel the effects of smoked or vaped marijuana, edibles can take up to four hours to take full effect” The Oregon Health Authority said in a statement. “Marijuana can make children very sick. ” they added.


Oregon officials recommend keeping edibles out of reach of children and locked away. If a child does happen to consume an edible product, parents are urged to call the Poison Center Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

The limit of 15mg of THC is considered a low to moderate dose depending on the tolerance of the consumer. “The 15mg limit is a good level to start at.” Author of Modern Marijuana Living and Operator of Twenty After Four Wellness Center in Eugene Oregon, Michael Green said. “Other states have dealt with setbacks because of over consumption of marijuana edibles. If consumers are turned off by edibles, they may be passing on a healthy method of ingestion.”

Colorado officials have reevaluated regulations on edible packaging after several documented incidents where individuals consumed too much THC. Packaging now includes more detailed information including recommended serving sizes. Additionally, child proof packages are required for many products.

Previously, edibles were only available to medical patients in Oregon.  Patients are permitted to access edibles with higher potency than 15mg.

Many consumers seek to avoid inhaling smoke or vapor. Marijuana edibles have the potential to offer one of the safest methods of ingestion if properly administered.