‘Pimp my Grow’ will Feature Growers, Products

Pimp my Grow logos

LOS ANGELES–Cypress Hill’s Breal, DNA Genetics’ Don and Aaron, and PRØHBTD Media have announced new a video series “Pimp my Grow,” which will feature growers that need help taking their grow facility to the next level–from the attic to state-of-the-art, with legendary Dr. Greenthumb himself.

Breal with Don and Aaron will visit growers all over the country with how-to advice, along with their favorite products, to help build out better indoor growing operations. Growers interested in appearing on the show may contact producers on the “Pimp My Grow” site.


“I’ve seen a ton of good and bad growers and grows in this space. Nothing compares to the work that the DNA guys do. They will literally pimp out some grows. This is going to be unreal and unprecedented,” said Breal in a press release.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj9FVlEtknU]

DNA Genetics’ Don and Aaron have grown a multi-award winning reputation as leading seed producers and cannabis advocates, have been established over a decade of business and advocacy. In 2009, the company was inducted into the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame.

“We’re psyched to meet with amateurs as well as experienced growers to help them grow the biggest, healthiest and most special plants! And we’re going to bring along a few of our friends to help out,” they added to the announcement.

Vendors and manufacturers of growing supplies and products also are encouraged to contact the show, to be considered for use in the seven-episode series. Interested parties may contact the show at [email protected].

“Viewers will experience the thrill of growing with some of the best technology available. DNA and Breal are experts in what they do so it’s a pleasure for us to help them show the world just what it takes to pimp out a grow,” PRØHBTD Media’s Drake Sutton-Shearer and Josh Otten added.

PRØHBTD Media Network will broadcast “Pimp My Grow” on several digital platforms, including AppleTV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and more.