Evolve Formulas Keeps Spreading Love at LightShade in Denver

Kitchen One to One mgretailer
Kitchen One to One mgretailer

Cannabis technology company Evolve Formulas this Friday will host an afternoon lunch event with homeless charity Kitchen One for One, to be held at Lightshade-Peoria dispensary, located in Denver.

Evolve is a brand of NanoSphere Health Sciences, which specializes in cannabis medicines delivered via nanoparticle technology with transdermal application.


“Evolve believes that the cannabis industry has the responsibility to support our communities. Bringing Kitchen One for One to Lightshade-Peoria on Friday, Feb. 16, is part of Evolve’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to work with our dispensary partners while supporting an important cause. We love it because we can have fun and feel good doing it,” an Evolve spokesperson said.

The event will include:

  • A food truck serving a menu of tacos, nachos, and quesadillas will be on site at Lightshade-Peoria, offering a free meal to the homeless for each meal served.
  • Free lunch will be provided to anyone who makes a Lightshade purchase during the allocated time, and to Lightshade employees from any location–so come down to kick off your weekend with free food and the best of cannabis products.
  • Events are schedule for Friday, Feb 16, between 4-6pm.

Evolve also said that supporting local charities allowed them to continue to show some post-Valentine’s Day love to populations that are often under-served and overlooked. Like many cannabis companies, community outreach is an important component of Evolve’s core values.

“We believe providing people with the help they need, where a lot of other resources might have failed them,” Evolve added. “Kitchen One-for-One provide delicious food and donate 100 percent of the profits to those in need, handing a dinner out for every single one that it sells. Evolve values people, problem-solving, and providing relief, and so does our chosen charity.”