California Brands, Influencers Attend Gathering for Conversation on Cannabis

Cannabliss mg magazine 22
Cannabliss mg magazine 22

LOS ANGELES – An intimate gathering of cannabis professionals, company owners, media, other influencers, and interested parties on Thursday night was held at co-working space Rita House in Los Angeles.

Hosted by PR agency Kip Morrison & Associates, the dinner event included a lightly infused buffet for guests, products, and short presentations on terpenes, micro-dosing, as well as changes and challenges for industry businesses.


“It’s a relaxed way to get together and let discussion happen in a more private, personal atmosphere,” said event organizer Kip Morrison, who also is the mother of VCC Brands founder Kenny Morrison.

Guests enjoyed salmon, quinoa salad, seared beef tenderloin, with THC-infused and non-infused pesto. Beverages served included a fresh CBD-dominant mango formulation from VCC Brands’ Cannabis Quencher line, and Root Origins CBD water.

In the high ceilinged open space of Rita House’s front room, space to sit in an upstairs loft and downstairs living area was filled, as short presentations were given.

Edible supplement company Mondo Meds founder Emily O’Brien started the evening’s explanation of cannabis terpenes and the growing importance of tasty plant compounds in the market, as concentrates and edibles continue to gain popularity with consumers. Her product, “an ingestible, organic THC dust for daytime use,” is in a unique category, as it can be added to conventional foods and recipes in small, precise amounts.

Microdosing was the next topic, presented by MedMen marketing coordinator Ashley Gonzalez, who brought her own experiences with products, dosing, application methods, and how to help customers navigate the marketplace and arrive at appropriate choices.

Kenny Morrison, who also is chair and president of the California Cannabis Manufacturers’ Association, discussed several areas of concern for cannabis manufacturers and small business owners. Regulatory growing pains have made 2018 a year “not to make money,” Morrison said, noting the only people who believe there are still floods of money to be tapped in the industry, for now, are local municipalities and officials.

Diplomatic when addressing the forces and bureaucracy at play as the California industry attempts to regulate, Morrison said, unfortunately, by trying to comply with legal cannabis regulation, the compliant cannabis business owners had to bear the brunt of expense, scrutiny, and changing requirements, as well as putting black market vendors at an unfair advantage. CCMA lobbying efforts continue, Morrison said.

Other brands represented at the event included Eden Extracts, Garden of Eden, Triple 7 Cannabis, Papa & Barkley, TINLEY 27 beverage, Fruit Slabs, HENRY’S ORIGINAL, Cannabombz, Lucky Box Club, and To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates.