Brands Galore at Constellations 2

MammaMia 3

Cultivator THC Design hosted the packed and pulsating Saturday afternoon event.

LONG BEACH, CA. – The THC Design space on historic Pine Avenue in Long Beach was the location for this Saturday’s teeming Constellations 2 event, a multi-level bazaar of over fifty cannabis brands offering something for just about everyone. Marketed as the “End of the Year Biggest Cannabis Shopping Experience in SoCal!” lots of eager people jammed the three-story workspace, where small tables overflowing with a multitude of products occupied every nook and cranny.


“From cannabis accessories to topicals, self-care products, tinctures, vapes, oils and much more, stock up on holiday gifts for your loved ones and don’t forget to grab a treat for yourself,” offered the event organizers. Vendors gave away samples and also offered product for special prices. There also was a smoking room on the second floor that a few brands also were jammed into. Unlike a few tables set off to the side, the tables in the smoking room never seemed to suffer from an occasional lack of attention.

It wasn’t all vending. DjK-Sly provided a sweet set during the latter part of the event, and upstairs, Altered Plates provided its consistent and insanely delicious Mocktails. Conversation with several vendors found them pleased with the turnout, and happy anyway to at least show off their products in a chill event that featured plenty of both new and known brands. Exhibitors included Papa & Barkley, Hepburns, Wink, MammaMia, Evoxe Laboratories, Giggle Therapeutics, Green Goat Farms, Next Level Medicinals, Omm Remedies, and Treat Well, to name a very few.