Colorado’s Native Roots Helps Hurricane Victims

DENVER – Colorado dispensary chain Native Roots has raised $15,750 to help hurricane relief efforts for victims of Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and will also send much-needed supplies collected during their hurricane fund drive.

Five percent of Native Roots total sales for Friday, September 1, were donated to hurricane relief efforts.

Native Roots CEO Ryan Brown said in a statement to the Denver Post, “Community is a core value at Native Roots and we take that very seriously. This is a national need and cannabis has become a countrywide industry. Native Roots chose to step up to the plate along with companies and individuals across our nation to support our citizens.”

“America’s largest dispensary,” with 19 dispensaries across Colorado, Native Roots supports numerous community and national charities. Each of their locations partners with local grassroots advocacy groups and nonprofits, to do fundraising, contributes work hours, and provides support.

Hit hard by back-to-back disasters, Native Roots’ contribution speaks to the cultural ethos for the cannabis industry; many leading vendors and industry members also support local and national charities, operate their own nonprofits, and encourage local community involvement.

Supplies sent to hurricane victims included toiletries, diapers, cleaning supplies, bug repellent, fans, gloves, face masks, and sanitizing wipes.