Weedmaps Hires Dustin McDonald For Government Outreach

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Weedmaps brings consumers information on where they can access marijuana dispensary locations, review products and businesses, and get information on inventory and prices.

This is helping patients and recreational customers become informed consumers.

Weedmaps has become a valuable tool in the marijuana industry. With most advertising unavailable for marijuana businesses, dispensary operators can subtly get the word out without attracting too much unwanted attention.


With the business community ready for change and the potential for federal re-classification of marijuana this summer, it seems Weedmaps is recognizing the industry needs are shifting from the need for anonymity, to the need for working with law enforcement, federal, state, and local authorities.

Recently, Weedmaps hired Dustin McDonald to be the head of its government outreach. Mr. McDonald has served as the director of the Government Finance Officers Association’s Federal Liaison Center . According to the organization’s website, “The GFOA’s mission is to enhance and promote the professional management of governmental financial resources by identifying, developing, and advancing fiscal strategies, policies, and practices for the public benefit.” In short, acting as consultants and liaisons to government agencies has been a staple of the organization.

“I have gotten the chance to work with a lot of great folks here in the industry and folks that are dedicated to the industry and to making the market the best that it can be,” McDonald told Bond Buyer.com. “I hope there will be opportunities for our paths to cross as the marijuana industry takes off and perhaps might have a little overlap with muni finance.”

“It’s kind of this concept of reforming state and local laws that is really taking off,” he said. “Weedmaps is very interested in continuing to work in those states [that have legalized marijuana recreationally] as well as … with states that are working to reform their laws to generate the best policy that organizes the regulated industry.”

In addition to the possibility of federal reclassification, there could be over 20 states voting on either medical or recreational marijuana laws. Weedmap’s outreach may be more important than ever if government officials and the industry are to operate on the same page.