Weed Disposal Bins Installed at Las Vegas Airport

mg magazine Las Vegas Airport weed disposal
mg magazine Las Vegas Airport weed disposal

Talk about consolidating your luggage just before your flight. If Las Vegas tourists suffer from some short-term memory loss on their way to the airport, they will now be able to stuff their weed stash legally before boarding their flight.

There have been 13 green receptacles set up in high traffic areas for travelers to dispose of their pot before flying home. They are easy to distinguish from other receptacles and are clearly marked with bold text that reads “Disposal for Prescription and Recreational Drugs.”


“The amnesty boxes are offered as a way to help people comply with this ordinance,” airport spokesperson Christine Crews told the Associated Press.

This does not mean that weed is allowed in McCarran or other nearby airports. The boxes are located at busy rental car drop offs and just outside of airport terminals.

“Marijuana is not allowable anywhere inside the buildings, be it pre- or post-security,” airport spokeswoman Christine Crews said according to the Las Vegas Journal.

And for those seeing a highly secured airport as a new source of complimentary cannabis, you may want to think again. The bins will be monitored.

“The drawer pulls out; you drop your stuff in and you close it. You can’t really get your hand in there. If you start tampering with them, you’d be detected pretty quickly,” she told the Sun.

A contractor will be responsible for collecting and emptying the bins several times per week. Seven more boxes are expected to install at McCarran and other nearby airports.

Nevada’s marijuana law allows adults over 21 to possess up to an ounce of marijuana flower or an eighth of an ounce of THC concentrates, but possession and marijuana advertising on airport property are prohibited.

The new receptacles could help ensure that police resources are not drained by dealing with marijuana possession at McCarran. Although TSA agents perform passenger screenings, they do not have the authority to arrest individuals. When a passenger is caught with weed it is referred to local police. With all of the tourists buying marijuana, the time and money local law enforcement spends on arresting and processing individuals for possession can add up quickly.