Wana Brands, AltMed Licensing Deals Cover Colorado, Arizona

Wana AltMed logo machup
Wana AltMed logo machup

DENVER—Cannabis infused product manufacturers Wana Brands and AltMed Enterprises (AME) announced the completion of licensing deals to bring Wana Brands’ edibles to the Arizona market, and AME’s MüV line of medical cannabis-infused products to the Colorado market.

Wana Brands will enter the Arizona market through a licensing deal between affiliate Mountain High Infused Products and AltMed Arizona, an affiliate of AltMed Enterprises. A licensing agreement between NuTrae—a subsidiary of AltMed Enterprises, doing business as MüV­—and Wana Brands allows MüV products to becoming available in Colorado.


Wana Brands co-owner Nancy Whiteman said consumer interest in medically based cannabis applications is growing. The MüV product line includes metered dose inhalers, topical patches, capsules, medicinal lotions, and gels, as well as ethanol extraction crumble, solvent-free distillate oil, and vape cartridges.

“While topicals, capsules, and related medical products such as inhalers are still a relatively small percentage of the infused products market, they are among the fastest growing segments,” Whiteman explained.

“I believe that many people­—particularly women and older demographics who are new to cannabis—will gravitate towards these products as a safe introduction to cannabis. The products are very medically focused in appearance and usage and feel less ‘scary’ to a novice user, than smoking or eating an edible might be,” she added.

MüV products also offer a testing regime that often exceeds industry or state standards. In addition, AltMed Arizona’s growing facility supplies the line with exclusive crops and strains, ensuring consistency and continuity from seed to sale.

“We have always provided a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on all our products for potency, residual solvents, mold and pesticides; we do rigorous batch and stability testing and only use only GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients within FDA approved levels,” said AltMed Enterprises Director of Commercial Operations Karen Quick.

“Lab testing is not required in Arizona, so it’s extremely difficult for patients to have confidence in the potency levels stated on labels,” Quick said further. “It’s critical that patients be able to count on consistent dosages when they are treating serious medical conditions. We have taken the most stringent standards from other states and adopted those as our internal standards, to assure our products meet the standards in every state we operate in, as we continue our mission to become the world’s widest distributed medical cannabis brand.”

The licensing deals also will bring Wana Brands products to Arizona. Already available in Oregon and Nevada, the Colorado-based company is a leading manufacturer of artisan, made-from-scratch edibles, including their popular Sour Gummies. Wanna Brands also produces WanaCapsXR extended relief capsules, as well as various hash products and vape cartridges. The company applies rigorous lab testing and consistency standards to its products—particularly important in Arizona, and other states where testing regulations are still evolving.