Walmart Pulls Cannabis Christmas Tree From Website

Screen Shot 2017 12 18 at 10.54.49 AM
Screen Shot 2017 12 18 at 10.54.49 AM

Last week, Walmart made waves with its “Weed Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree.” But the giant retailer has just removed the item from their website.

No one has been able to pin down Santa Claus’ opinion on marijuana. But we do know that he will eat your cookies and drink your milk if you leave them out. He is also a bit shy and tries to get his work done without being seen and usually is depicted with a wide grin.

Santa may be bummed to learn that Walmart just removed a bit of its Christmas spirit from its website.


Last week, the retail giant became an unlikely source for enthusiasts looking for a canna Christmas gift. Last week, surprised shoppers noticed the “Pot Leaf Christmas Tree” on Walmart’s website. The tree, made by Brands On Sale, includes realistic looking marijuana leaves and stands at 7 feet tall.

This is the product description that was included on the website:

“This Pot Leaf Christmas tree will “light up” the room and put your mind in the right head-space for holiday cheer. You’ll be able to relax and giggle at the marijuana leaves and decorate it as you please. This alternative Christmas tree is perfect for personal top-shelf life at home or as a medical dispensary decoration. Green Wishes and Happy Holidhaze!”

Some customers balked at the $250 price tag with many debating if they should just buy an ounce of marijuana which often retails for less. Also, real marijuana can be smoked. The tree, well not so much.

The debate about whether or not to buy the tree from Walmart is over now. The company removed the tree from their website. But those looking to combine their love for Christmas and cannabis, Walmart still has something to offer. Customers can still purchase pot leaf ornaments from the Walmart website.