Two and a Half Pounds? Charlie Sheen Joins the Cannabis Gold Rush

The actor is releasing a line of vape oils under the brand name "Sheenius."

Charlie Sheen Cannabis Vape Products
Charlie Sheen Cannabis Vape Products

Charlie Sheen has been a part of the cannabis industry for years–in a way. Although strains bearing his name have been circulating for a long time, they have no relation to the famous actor.

Sheen, famous for roles in film and television including “Platoon,” “Wall Street,” “Major League,” and “Two and a Half Men,” is looking to make his starring role in the cannabis industry official.


Those close to Sheen have been pointing out strains using his name. “They said, you know, we see your name so ingrained in the marijuana industry. And it’s all bootlegged essentially, I’ve never made a nickel off of it. That didn’t seem fair,” Sheen told DailyMail.

The actor is releasing a line of vape oils under the brand name “Sheenius.” The line features products with lighthearted names such as “Milli’s Vanili”, “MaliBlu Dream”, “The Legend”, “Grandma’s Perfume” and “Clown Mace.”

‘Clown Mace is pretty good because what clown shouldn’t be maced?’ Sheen said. “One of our favorites is Grandma’s Perfume.’

‘Sometimes it’s more about how words sound together, and then you start creating images, visuals behind the feelings those words create” Sheen continued. “We just wanted it to feel inviting and to generate curiosity – like what is a vape strain called ‘Mama Said No?'”

Sheen decided to create “The Legend” after being called a legend by fans on the street, though he was a bit hesitant to do so at first. “It’s kinda cool, but it’s a little much, you know? Legends aren’t usually still alive. But I started hearing it in enough situations and from a variety of people. And so I said, you know what, let’s give the people what they want.”

In December, Sheen announced that he had been sober for a year in his fight against drug and alcohol abuse. “I got so tired of letting everyone down, and ultimately myself down, that I made the decision the very morning of December 10, 2017, to embrace a newly unearthed direction and path,” Sheen told DailyMail.

DailyMail is reporting that Sheen is not simply just slapping his name on the products. Sheen is responsible for working much of the branding for Sheenius, including the product names and the logo.

Although his name is so closely tied to the cannabis industry, Sheen is not a cannabis user. “I haven’t smoked pot in like 10 years. It’s just not my thing,” he told DailyMail.

Sheenius products are expected to be available this week and will cost between $60 to $70.