Sheriff: Jeff Sessions May Keep Status Quo for Cannabis Law

shutterstock 488541157
shutterstock 488541157

The recently confirmed U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, may not look to tear down the marijuana industry after all.

Many in the cannabis industry have probably grabbed their favorite sativa to cope with the anxiety Jeff Sessions provokes as Attorney General. Sessions has made many public comments in opposition to marijuana. Some fear he might relaunch a federal crackdown on businesses and medical centers. But are fears of a federal crackdown on marijuana and patients an overreaction?

According to one new report, they may be. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones spoke with Sessions about federal marijuana law while on a recent trip to Washington D.C. for a sheriffs’ convention.


“Regarding the prioritization of federal resources to combat marijuana, he didn’t see the federal government getting involved in marijuana use or low-level state, what are traditionally state and local crimes, but, I don’t think he ruled out the possibility of the federal government getting involved in larger-scale operations,” Jones shared and speculated.

Sheriff Jones indicated that large-scale operations would involve cartel activity.

Of course “a sheriff said” is not concrete evidence of the Justice Department’s intentions. However, the idea of the Trump Administration allowing the status quo to remain in regards to cannabis has been shared by many. Will a supposed job creator and states’ rights supporter seek to offset jobs, revenues, and tax dollars on a local level?

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