OLCC Partners with Law Enforcement to Go After Illegal Marijuana Operations


The OLCC’s new partnership with law enforcement could help Oregon become more efficient in going after illegal grows.

This week, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) met with local law enforcement, local district attorneys, and the US attorney’s office to announce new strategies to pursue illegal cannabis grows.

State police in Oregon will coordinate with the OLCC Medford office. The goal is to determine exactly which law enforcement resources are necessary for overseeing the cannabis industry.


“OSP has the expertise and resources to figure out which law enforcement agencies need to be involved, whether it’s a city police department or multi-agency task force,” said OLCC Executive Director Steven Marks.  “Together we can address that gray area, illegal grows and processing sites that OLCC doesn’t have the ability to regulate and bring forward for prosecution.”

Unlike other states that severely restrict the number of cannabis cultivation and production licenses, the OLCC has been trying to register as many growers as they can. This could help them keep an eye on as many growers as possible and reduce the chances of them working on the black market.

“As the second outdoor harvest under the regulated system approaches the OLCC expects better reporting and compliance,” said Marks.  “Licensees have been using the Cannabis Tracking System for a year and our staff is in a better position to manage and control the regulated system.”