New Jersey Courts Say State Must Recognize Medicinal Value of Marijuana

Christie Administration Marijuana

Governor Chris Christie’s administration must reconsider marijuana’s classification after a recent court ruling.

Governor Chris Christie has been very vocal in his opposition to marijuana during his administration’s eight years. He has tried to delay the state’s medical marijuana program during his tenure, but he can no longer use the argument that marijuana has no medicinal value.

A judge ruled that the benefits of medical marijuana are “abundantly and glaringly apparent.” A state Appellate Court ruled that former New Jersey director of Consumer Affairs, Steve Lee, had the authority to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I drug. Lee rejected a request to do so in 2014 on the basis that he had no such authority.


The ruling involved several individuals including Genny Barbour, a teen who medicates with marijuana in order to treat her seizures. The state must now review marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug.

The decision does not necessarily change marijuana’s legal status, but officials can no longer claim on that that marijuana has no medicinal value.

Christie’s term ends in January and there is already talk of recreational marijuana being legalized once he out of office. The Democratic candidate leading in the polls as Christie’s replacement, Phil Murphy, has come out in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.