Mother’s Day Cannabis Sales Numbers are in

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Navigating the narrow path between profit and plummeting is difficult in the cannabis industry. As is the case with retail across all industries, managers looking to thrive need to maximize sales during special events and holidays.

Headset, a cannabis data analytics firm, has released Mother’s Day sales statistics for Washington, Colorado, Nevada, and California. Overall, sales increased in some key areas managers may want to focus on in order to maximize the bottom line next Mother’s Day.


According to Headset, the categories that experienced notable increases were similar to last year, suggesting these trends are becoming reliable gauges for the future. Hot infused beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot cocoa saw the biggest increase when compared to the prior four weekends leading up to Mother’s Day. Hot drinks sales spiked by a whopping 72 percent.

Hot drinks were not the only category warming up on Mother’s day. It looks like mom was able to enjoy some relaxation time as infused bath salts, soaks, and scrubs rose sharply by 35 percent. Infused Food and beverage additives such as syrups and flavored drink drops rose by 32 percent when compared to previous weeks.

There was a decrease in one area, chapped lips. Infused lip balm sales rose by 50 percent on Mother’s Day weekend. Also, it appears some mom’s out there were able to melt at least some of their pain away. Infused transdermal products, such as medicated skin patches, rose by 40 percent.

Flower sales did not see a significant bump, with the exception of pre-rolls. That category rose by 8 percent, which is good, because mom should not have to roll her own joints on her special day.