Michigan Governor Signs off on Emergency Medical Marijuana Rules

shutterstock 488508634 e1512422936470
shutterstock 488508634 e1512422936470

Gov. Snyders’s move will allow medical marijuana dispensaries to remain open past December 15 without hurting their chances of getting a state license.

Many patients and industry workers in Michigan have been worried for months that state officials would force dispensaries to shut down by December 15.

As mg previously reported, medical marijuana dispensary operators were told they would have to shut down by December 15 while the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board processed applications and issued licenses for shops. This raised concerns for patients fearful that their safe access would be compromised and for industry members worried about being out of work.


But Gov. Snyder has signed emergency rules that will allow dispensaries to keep their doors open beyond December 15 without hurting their chances of receiving a state license.

“The emergency administrative rules are designed to preserve patient protections and provide them with access to safe medical marihuana,” said Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation Director Andrew Brisbo according to Mlive.

“These rules also allow growers, processors, secure transporters, provisioning centers, and safety compliance facilities to operate under clear requirements,” Brisbo added.

Of course, not all of the news is great for the industry.

Under the new regulations, growers must show that they have between $150,000 and $500,000 in capital depending on the size of their operation. Dispensaries and processors must be able to show $300,000 in capital. Transporters must have $200,000 on-hand. Applicants for all marijuana-related licenses also must pay a $6,000 application fee and have an additional $100,000 in insurance.

These fees make it difficult for smaller operations to remain open. It also could be a deterrent or for those looking to join the industry.