Mexico to Permit Import of Cannabis-infused Drinks, Food, Cosmetics


A spokesperson for Mexico’s Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risk, also known as Cofepris, announced last Wednesday the regulatory agency will soon release regulations that will allow vendors in Mexico to import cannabis-infused drinks, food, and cosmetics.

According to Newsweek, products are expected to be available by early 2018 with the agency reportedly expecting products to be imported for distribution and retail. Until the new regulations are issued, the limit on cannabis-infused products in Mexico has required products to contain less than one percent THC. It’s unclear what the new regulations may allow in regards to dosage limits. Cannabis flower production and sales remain illegal and recreational use of cannabis is prohibited.


The change in policy may signal another step forward for the Mexican government toward marijuana legalization, following the lead of several Central American countries including Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and island nation Puerto Rico.

Mexico has legalized medical cannabis use and use for “scientific needs.” In June, Mexican lawmakers supported a bill that prohibited growing cannabis or recreational use. However, the legislation also called for a study on the impact of cannabis before changes in policy should be considered.