Medical Marijuana Improving Quality of Life for Maryland Girl

shutterstock 705876856
shutterstock 705876856

Since medicating with cannabis, Lillyann Baker’s seizures have disappeared and she can now attend school.

Being a known marijuana user can often get you kicked out of school. For one little girl in Maryland, it seems the opposite is true. Cannabis may be the only reason Lillyann Baker is able to to make it into class at the Battle Monument School in Dundalk, Maryland.

Lilly experienced a traumatic head injury as an infant and was placed in a medically induced coma. She then experienced multiple seizures daily. Lilly was prescribed two medications that were unable to improve her condition.


Cassandra Stefan, Lilly’s mother, decided to try something new after traditional medications failed.

“She was still constantly having seizures and when her doctor suggested a third medication, I said I want to try something,” Stefan told CBS Baltimore.

Stefan administers medicinal cannabis to her daughter and Lilly has experienced no seizures in the two years since. Specifically, Stefan gives Lilly CBD hemp, which helps to alleviate her symptoms without producing a psychedelic effect. CBD derived from hemp is extremely low in the cannabinoid THC.

Although Stefan is careful and without better options, it does not mean that everyone is understanding.

“I have had many people, mainly on social media saying that I’m a disgrace as a parent,” Stefan said.

Despite what the social media trolls may think, the results speak for themselves. Lilly is “doing everything that before the doctors saying she’d never do,” according to Stefan.

Maybe now Lilly can live a normal life without the constant threat of seizures. The normalcy would be a welcomed blessing for Stefan who just wants Lilly to have the same opportunities in life as anyone else.

Stefan is hopeful that Lilly will “walk down the aisle to her handsome man, just like her sister will.”