Florida Attorney John Morgan Prepared to Pour Big Bucks into Medical Marijuana

shutterstock 519503011
shutterstock 519503011

Orlando Attorney John Morgan is able to put big money where his mouth is.

Legalizing medical marijuana in Florida has been no easy task. Although public support has remained high for a long time, the will of the people has been delayed for years. In 2014, the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative was approved by 57 percent of Florida residents. However, Florida law requires a ballot to receive 60 percent of the vote before it can be adopted as law.

In November of 2016, Amendment 2 was overwhelmingly passed (with over 70 percent of the vote) and medical marijuana was finally legalized in the Sunshine State.


Attorney John Morgan contributed approximately $7 million toward statewide ballot initiatives in 2014 and 2016. It is impossible to say that his money was the difference, but likewise, it is impossible to say he did not make a significant impact.

Now he is apparently looking to dig way deeper into his pockets. According to the Miami Herald, Morgan is willing to invest up to $100 million on “the right opportunities.”

“I am prepared to invest significant monies in this industry and I plan to,” Morgan said through email. “I have learned a great deal about the miracles of marijuana over the last five years. And what better person than me to be involved?”

Morgan seems eager to see the medical marijuana program up and running in Florida.

“I don’t care how it is implemented. I don’t care how many licenses there are,” he said, possibly frustrated by delays in the Florida legislature.

Some critics are wondering if Morgan has political aspirations and is using the medical marijuana issue to help propel his visibility and career. Morgan has routinely denied these claims.

Another concern for the attorney may be the perception of a conflict of interest. He has not denied his openness to investing or owning companies involved in the cannabis industry. “I have been approached by many companies here and in the U.S. and have and will continue to consider them,” he once said.

A $100 million dollar investment could help create an ideal playing field for Morgan.