Indiana Lawmakers Move Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization

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shutterstock 620657567

Members of the Indiana House have unanimously voted to study the effects of medical marijuana. The vote could signal a turning point for state lawmakers. 

Lawmakers in Indiana have just voted unanimously to approve a resolution to examine the effects of medical marijuana.

While this may not sound like a huge step, Indiana is known for conservative views and is not considered to be friendly toward any type of marijuana legalization. In the past few years, the issue of simply examining medical marijuana has never even come to a vote.


In what could be considered another positive sign for those seeking medical marijuana approval in Indiana, the resolution has been proposed by Republican Majority Floor Leader Rep Matt Lehman, possibly increasing the chances of approving medical marijuana in the future.

Of course, studying medical marijuana does not necessarily mean its legalization is imminent.

“Honestly my opinion about the advisability hasn’t necessarily changed but my opinion as to whether or not we need to study the issue likely has. Our own surgeon general called for a study of the issue,” House Speaker Brian Bosma said according to the Indy Star. “So I think we need to take a look at the effects and I support a study.”

However, Bosma is signaling that he will keep an open mind about medical marijuana.

“I think we just need to know a lot more about it before we do anything,” Bosma said. “My mind could be changed, but it’ll be based on facts not opinions.”

Even if the legislature decides to legalize, there could be another obstacle in the way. Gov. Eric Holcomb has signaled his opposition to medical marijuana.

Currently, there are 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana.