Halloween Horror Over Marijuana Candy Seems Fake

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Every year parents are frightened by warnings over marijuana-laced Halloween candy being handed out.

As the Halloween festivities kick off today, we are faced with a familiar warning. Beware of marijuana-laced candy being handed out to your kids.

The problem is that there is no evidence that this has actually ever happened. But that is not stopping New Jersey’s Attorney General’s office from issuing a frightening warning to parents.


“The presence of these edible forms of marijuana poses a great risk to users, especially to children, who may accidentally receive marijuana candy during Halloween,” the warning said.

New Jersey officials cite a story of a 10-year-old boy eating a marijuana-infused candy that he found in the backseat of a car. The boy felt sick afterward. But this situation had nothing to do with Halloween and trick-or-treating.

“Cannabis consumers are not looking to dose children with cannabis. That is not something that I’ve ever heard of anybody ever being interested in doing or wanting to do or would think is ethical,” said Evan Nison, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of NORML, which is pushing to legalize marijuana. “This is just something that some police officers sometimes say every year, never really comes to fruition, and is just a scare tactic.”

Using common sense and basic safety precautions should be enough for parents. If candy is unwrapped when their children receive it, then they should throw it out. If you are a parent with infused edibles, then make sure it is out of reach of children. Treat it like it was any other medicine you did not want your child to have access to.

As for the army of marijuana-infused candy givers who want to poison children from their own stash, well does that even sound realistic? Who would spend big money to poison children just enough to overwhelm them with anxiety but with no chance of it being fatal? And why do these terrible people only come out for Halloween? They don’t try to hand out infused cookies or treats at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter events? Should anyone find out where free marijuana is being given out please contact us at mg.