Guide to a Holiday Filled With Cannabis Cheer

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With just a few days to go, and less than zero days left if you need holiday shipping – you can still have a cannabis-themed Christmas, and keep the festivities going through January 1st. That’s when about 39.20 million California residents will officially have access to recreational marijuana, as legalization continues to widen across the nation. So, whether you’re celebrating the California Green Rush or your just chilling in the New Year, we have your cheer gear right here:

  • Faux Marijuana Xmas Tree – Walmart may have pulled their cannabis tree, but the purveyors of personal freedom over at Amazon have got you covered. At $249.99 and free shipping, Brandi Trees’ 7-foot bushy shrub is billed as the “original Weed Christmas Tree.™”
  • Marijuana cookie cutters – 3D printed Kush Kutter marijuana-shaped cookie cutters put the “ho, ho, ho” in your holiday. It’s not really the season without yummy cookies. Sativa-shaped frosted treats will delight your guests. A bargain at $6.00 plus shipping, on Etsy.
  • Festive rolling papers – Absolutely enchanting all season long, your best flower can be dressed to impress with Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers. In bright pops of color and gorgeous floral patterns, with golden tips to your lips, only $8.99 a pack. Here’s their Instagram.
  • Peppermint pipe ornament – You need to decorate that weed tree you just bought, and this peppermint-stripped glass pipe keepsake ornament is eternally loaded with a bowl of glassy green. $9.99, plus shipping on Etsy.
  • Polar Caps peppermint bark – Crushed peppermints and THC infused-chocolate embrace to create this limited-time, seasonal edible from cannabis company Blue Kudu. Because who doesn’t LOVE peppermint bark? Polar Caps come packaged in ten 100MG doses. Available throughout Colorado.
  • Christmas sweatshirt – Great for giving to your favorite baker or a unique take on the ugly Christmas sweater, this “Let’s Get Baked” sweatshirt in black is holiday homey with a pinch of urban swagger. For the Gingerbread Man in all of us, unisex sizes. On Amazon, $18.99.
  • Cannabis-patterned wrapping paper – To complete the motif, the festive weed-themed wrapping paper is the perfect finishing touch. Amazon, the source of all things last minute, sadly, cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas. But if it goes on sale on the 26th, you can always stock up for 4/20. A six-foot roll is $19.99.
  • Cannabis Christmas candle – From Portland, Oregon, the limited edition Cannabis Christmas Tree Candle is by Woolly Beast. The soy candle is scented with “cannabis, pine, and frosted pinecones,” and comes in a 9 ounce, amber-colored jar. Eco-friendly, vegan, and non-toxic. Not available until after Christmas, $25.99 plus shipping.
  • Limited edition Snoop Dogg socks – Perfect for the funky fashionista, the “Art of Inspiration” boxed socks collection includes three pairs of socks designed by cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg. The Rasta-inspired pair is bright red, green and gold. $40.00 plus shipping.