Green Flower Media’s Cannabis Health Summit Live-Streams This Weekend

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The free two-day digital symposium combines individual talks and panel discussions to explore the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of cannabis.

CYBERSPACE – This weekend marks Green Flower Media’s latest entry in its impressive series of cannabis webinars. The 2017 Cannabis Health Summit, which live-streams May 6-7 free to registrants, is designed to give people guidance on how to use cannabis to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

“We produce The Cannabis Health Summit as a free online event to get this invaluable knowledge in front of the most people possible,” said Green Flower founder Max Simon. “The more people who are educated about the value this plant can provide, the better it is for the industry and the planet as a whole.”


The Summit features more than 30 experts, doctors, celebrities, scientists, and thought-leaders coming together to provide practical tips and tools designed to help viewers gain more value from the plant as a health and wellness aid.

“We serve three different audiences,” added Simon. “The first is someone suffering from a condition where cannabis could help. The second is someone who works in the cannabis industry and is looking to create better products and services to more effectively help patients and customers. And the third is the cannabis enthusiast who’s looking for new tips, tricks, and hacks to get the most value from cannabis today.”

Subjects addressed at the Summit will include:

• How cannabis interacts in your body.
• Is cannabis truly safe? What the research says.
• What you need to know about CBD.
• How to normalize cannabis as a legitimate medicine.
• Why cannabis is booming among our aging population.
• The science of why cannabis strains affect people differently.
• How to treat pets with cannabis.
• Why cannabis for athletes is a big deal.
• Understanding the chemical compounds in cannabis.
• All the unique ways you can ingest cannabis.
• The surprising history of medical cannabis.
• How to control dosing when cooking with cannabis.
• Understanding terpenes: the smells and tastes of cannabis.
• What modern cannabis looks like today.

Registration for the 2017 Cannabis Health Summit is FREE until May 7. Register online HERE.