Government Employees in Washington D.C. may be Buying Legal Marijuana More Than you Think

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shutterstock 400336309

A new study found that 11 percent of government employees reportedly bought legal marijuana through a dispensary in the D.C. area.

We all know that government employees are not allowed to use marijuana. But it appears some government workers in D.C. are taking advantage of legal marijuana. In fact, it looks like they may even be keeping the D.C. industry afloat.

Consumer Research Around Cannabis questioned 1,368 residents of the D.C area about marijuana use. Overall, 8 percent had reported buying marijuana through a dispensary. But the number was slightly higher for government employees. The study found that 11 percent of them had purchased through a dispensary. Government employees accounted for 16.7% of all legal marijuana sales in the D.C. area.

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The survey also found that government employees in D.C. have a generally positive attitude toward marijuana legalization. Around 41 percent approved of both recreational and medical marijuana use while only 11 percent disapproved.

“Those in charge are anti-marijuana, but that doesn’t represent what most people believe in the higher levels of these agencies. Most people at the Department of Justice are frankly embarrassed by Attorney General Sessions,” Keith Stroup, legal counsel at NORML said.

Congress has a history of interfering with local politics in Washington D.C. and the situation is no different when it comes to marijuana. Although voters approved of recreational use and sales in 2014, Congress has blocked sales. However, shops offer marijuana “gifts” when customers buy non-infused items such as cookies.

Police have not shut down the dispensaries so this workaround seems to be functioning, at least for now. But labs are unable to test the products that hit dispensary shelves. In true D.C. fashion, the restrictions against marijuana are actually making the situation less safe for marijuana users.

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