Giving off the Wrong Sign? Check out These Companies Offering Dispensary Signage

cannabis dispensary signs mg retailer
cannabis dispensary signs mg retailer

There is so much to consider when designing or operating a cannabis dispensary. At times it is easy to miss the small details. One of these details could be signage. While many consider their big beautiful branded signs on the front entrance of their shops, less prominent signage is often necessary to convey essential information. Some of these signs are legally mandated by authorities such as warnings not to consume on the dispensary site or reminders that minors are not permitted at your shop. In some cases, you may need a simple green cross sign to get started and may not be in a position to shell out big bucks for a customized product. Check out these four companies offering essential signage.

THC Label Solutions


THC Label Solutions specializes in printing materials that are tailored to the cannabis industry. They offer many products including, cannabis containers, product labels, cannabis containers, and dispensary signs. They have signs specific to California and Oregon regulations and also carry many other signs that can be used in dispensaries throughout the country.


Jantec makes neon signs for restaurants, auto mechanics, hair salons, and just about any other retail business including cannabis dispensaries. While they do not offer much in the way of standardized warning/legal signs, they have moderately priced neon cannabis signs that are perfect to let patients and customers know you are open. These options are great for businesses trying to get their doors open or attract a few more eyeballs for an already operating shop. They also offer customized signs, in case you want to do something a bit more unique.


Accuform creates signs for many different applications. They specialize in safety signs and offer warning signs for construction zones, factories, and other industrial job sites. Accuform also offers safety and warning and legal signs for cannabis dispensaries such as “No Minors Allowed.” They also make labels for cannabis bottles.


Safetycal offers signage for dispensaries in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon but will work with retailers in any state. They also specialize in signage for cannabis testing labs and grow facilities. While they stock many of the signs you can find elsewhere, they do have unique products such as OSHA compliant warning signs.