Ganja on the Go?

shutterstock 376262458
shutterstock 376262458

A marijuana dispensary is expected to open in Colorado that features a fast food style drive-thru.

“Would you like fries with that bake?” That could soon be the gist of a question asked in a marijuana shop in Parachute, Colorado.

Tumbleweed Express was just given approval to open by the Parachute Board of Trustees. But this is not just another shop opening. Tumbleweed Express has a unique service to offer customers.


There are plans for a drive-thru that may remind customers of a fast food restaurant. Locals and tourists will not have a long wait before they can purchase cannabis from their car’s interior. Tumbleweed Express is expected to open next month.

Drive-thru, Tumbleweed Dispensary, newsTo purchase through the drive-thru, no one under 21, even in the back seat of a car, will be permitted to be present in the vehicle. There are also strict security and surveillance requirements that have been set for Tumbleweed Express.

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division approved the idea of the drive-thru. “As far as I can tell, we are not aware of this business model ever coming up before,” said Robert Goulding, spokesman for the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur says marijuana made up close to 30 percent of the town’s 2016 sales tax revenue. He was excited about the impact legal marijuana has had on other local businesses. “The really good news is that other businesses are benefiting from it,” Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur said. “We think the drive-thru is a very creative and innovative idea.”

The drive-thru will take over the space of an old car wash. This may just be a small sign of things to come, in terms of the marijuana industry transforming former establishments. Amazon and other delivery services have already dramatically impacted traditional brick and mortar shopping, and with the expectation of drone delivery on the horizon, online shopping surely seems poised to continue its dominance.

Perhaps marijuana grows and dispensaries will join this list of creative ways to repurpose retail vacancies.