Four State Update: Kansas Considers Medical Marijuana, New Jersey…

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Kansas Authorities Consider Medical Marijuana Legislation

The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee in Kansas is reviewing Senate Bill 155, which would legalize marijuana use for certain debilitating ailments. A doctor’s recommendation would be required to receive marijuana. This current bill comes after several others have failed in recent years. Proponents of the bill have the ACLU on their side. “Kansans should have the right to make decisions about their own health care, in consultation with their doctors,” Micah Kubic, ACLU of Kansas director, said in a statement.

Public Hearing on Possible Expansion of New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program to Be Held This Week

The Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel of New Jersey is scheduled to hold a public hearing on whether or not to expand its list of qualifying conditions. This is the first time the panel has considered recognizing additional ailments that could qualify for a medical marijuana prescription. Governor Chris Christie allowed PTSD to be added as a qualifying condition in September.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Prepares for Possibility of Residents Voting to Approve Medical Marijuana 


In November 2018, voters in Oklahoma will have the opportunity to approve medical marijuana. State Rep. Eric Proctor of Tulsa has proposed a bill that would prepare Oklahoma to regulate medical marijuana in case it is approved. The bill anticipates a system that would be very similar to the recently passed Issue 6 in Arkansas. “It’s modeled after the laws in Arkansas,” Proctor said. “It was done intentionally so we can see what [Arkansas] has done right and wrong.”

Lawmakers to Rewrite Massachusetts Marijuana Law

In November voters approved Measure 4, which legalized recreational marijuana. Lawmakers are now looking to make some changes to the voter-approved law. Rep. Mark Cusack will work with Sen. Pat Jehlen to rewrite the recreational marijuana law. Jehlen is known for being supportive of cannabis reform. Lawmakers have voiced concerns over public safety, taxes and the number of plants permitted in home grows.