For Real? Fashion House Debuts $450 Lighters and $955 Stash Bag

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In the market for a $1,000 bag to transport your $15 gram of cannabis flower? What about a $450 lighter? The perfect brand for you has just launched.

Brett Heyman, founder of luxury handbag maker Edie Parker is bringing expensive taste to the cannabis market. With the industry valued in the billions and only set to rise, there could be some loose change hanging around for that $295 ashtray Heyman is offering.


The brand launched as Edie Parker Flower and offers high-end accessories on its website. Edie Parker Flower merchandise also is available at Walmart, Target, and…of course you can’t buy it at those stores! But the next time you are waltzing down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue with money to burn, you can buy Edie Parker Flower at Saks, Neiman Marcus, or the Edie Parker boutique.

Heyman, clearly versed in the trials and tribulations of cannabis patients, elaborated on her design choices. “Yes, cannabis holds plenty of medicinal properties,” she said. “But the world feels kind of dark right now, and I really want to just have a good time. My brand is about entertaining and having fun.”

Edie Parker Flower will also offer cannabis in some Northern California locations. Its price for cannabis is actually much closer to market prices and will run customers about $25 per gram. The flower is supplied by Flow Kana, an established producer with ties to Northern Californian cannabis farmers.

Heyman has a precise buyer persona in mind when it comes to her customers. “As I was designing, I thought, ‘What beautiful smoking accessories could I bring to the market for my smart, sophisticated customers?’” she asked.