First Recreational Marijuana License Issued in California

First California Marijuana License

Torrey Holistics in the San Diego area is the first recipient of a retail license to sell recreational marijuana in California.

Officially, recreational marijuana sales in California can legally begin on Jan. 1. Many local governments in the state have yet to finalize their regulations, making the likelihood of sales starting at the beginning of the new year unlikely for many areas of California.

But one dispensary in the San Diego area has just gotten the green light from state officials to start sales on New Years Day. Torrey Holistics has just received the first temporary license from the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC).


“Celebrate the new normal,” Torrey Holistics said on its website Friday. “Torrey Holistics will be open on January 1st selling both (M) Medical and (A) Adult Use Marijuana. The Prohibition is Now over.”

Officials at the BCC have received applications for marijuana adult use licenses from over 180 organizations, according to bureau chief Lori Ajax.

“Last week, we officially launched our online licensing system, and today we’re pleased to issue the first group of temporary licenses to cannabis businesses that fall under the Bureau’s jurisdiction,” Ajax said in a statement. “We plan to issue many more before January 1.”

Recreational marijuana in California was legalized after voters approved Prop. 64 in November of 2016. California is expected to be the largest adult use market in the world.