Couple Exchanges Vows at Las Vegas Dispensary

shutterstock 89347702
shutterstock 89347702

Recreational marijuana sales in Las Vegas has created all types of celebrations.

Las Vegas is known for its unique wedding chapels. Elvis is likely the first thing that comes to mind. But one couple declined to be married by The King and came up with another novelty idea.

Anna and Mark Balfe-Taylor got married at The Grove, a popular marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas on the morning of July 1, the day recreational sales were legalized.


Flowers are a staple of almost every wedding. In a way, the Taylor’s wedding was no different, though they did not have the usual roses or carnations. The ceremony was held in The Grove’s grow room, so the couple was surrounded by marijuana flower. Even the groom’s corsage was a marijuana bud.

“Mark asked me, and I had to think about it,” Anna told KSNV. “I support it. I think it’s great.”

Mark Taylor’s father was arrested and incarcerated for a marijuana-related conviction. Since then, Mark has been on a mission to advocate for legalization.

“It’s about the freedom to have choice on a substance that is harmless if they want,” Mark told KSNV.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Because of the heat emitting from the grow lights, the vows were exchanged within 20 minutes.

While many would assume that sparking up would be a part of the post-ceremony celebration, the couple is surprisingly (federal) law abiding.

“Due to the fact that it still has been a federal offense, as a parent, it’s not something that I wanted for my family considering my upbringing,” Mark Taylor said.