Chalice Festival 2018 Brings Art, Cannabis, Hip Hop to SoCal

SXSW Bone Thugs N Harmony mg magazine
SXSW Bone Thugs N Harmony mg magazine

LOS ANGELES – Cannabis culture music and art celebration the Chalice Festival returns to Southern California in 2018, with a three-day event scheduled for July 13-15, to be held at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, in Victorville, California.

In its fifth year, Chalice Festival has become one of the world’s leading celebrations of music, art, as well as glass artisans and master hashish makers. Music acts that have been scheduled to appear include favorite hip hop artists Bassnectar, Ludacris, Sizzla, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Curren$y, Pharcyde, Cut Chemist, and Thriftworks.


Renowned glass artisans including DWreck, Mothership, JD Maplesden, Mr. Gray, and JAG x SALT, and graffiti creatives like CBS Crew, Mark Dean Veca, and Kenny Scharf have appeared at past Chalice, to create art especially for the Fest, and this year promises to expected to feature world class displays of cannabis culture creativity.

“This year’s Chalice will make history in several ways. We’ve always been a leader, and we plan to lead by example at Chalice 2018,” Chalice Festival founder Doug Dracup said. “We know all eyes will be on us, and we have no doubt that we will set the bar for the future of legal cannabis and its relationship with music and arts festivals.”

With legalization of recreational cannabis in California, as of January 1, festival attendees will be able to consume and purchase cannabis products at the event for the first time. Age for entry is limited to 21-and-over.

With attendance expected to be around 45,000–10,000 more than last year–Dracup said that there is a big responsibility for show organizers to make sure the event is exemplary in every way possible, in order to show state authorities that adult-use cannabis at music and arts festivals can be legitimate and safe.

“We couldn’t be more excited for Chalice. It’s our fifth year, and we are proudly the first compliant fully legal cannabis festival in California,” Dracup added. “We expect more brands and involvement this year, a larger attendance, and more competitors in our competition than ever before. Anyone over the age of 21 can come purchase cannabis and hash, and consume it onsite. We are making history this year!”

Show sponsors included Hitman Glass, Coffee Shop and Headstash, Nameless Genetics, Raw Garden, Stiiizy, Field Extracts, Zkittles, The Lemon Tree, Korova, Delta 9, Wookflame, Weavers, Cali Kush Farms, ProPen, Hashqueen, and LA Weekly.

Music acts that have appeared at previous Chalice Festivals include Wu-Tang Clan, Ice Cube, as well as electronic music artists Thievery Corporation and STS9.
Tickets are $105-$115 per day or $165 for a three-day pass; VIP passes are $165-$185 per day, or $325 for a three-day pass. Tickets and more information are available at