Celebrities React to Trump Administration’s Position on Marijuana

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Political commentary at awards shows is nothing new. In 1973, Marlon Brando declined to accept an Academy Award for his role in The Godfather. Richard Gere was banned from the Academy Awards for a decade after challenging Chinese authorities over their treatment of Tibet in 1993. Sally Field made an anti-war speech as she accepted an Oscar in 2007 (which still may be less recognizable than her infamous “you really like me speech” in 1985). Recently, Meryl Streep caused a bit of controversy as she criticized President Trump at the Golden Globes.

Marijuana reform may not yet be the darling of the Hollywood award show circuit, but it certainly is popular on celebrity twitter accounts. As the Trump administration and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatens the marijuana industry, there are a handful of celebrities more than willing to take a digital stand. Below are a few examples of what we hope is the newest social trend.


Joe Rogan was very suspicious when he heard Sessions dredge up classic marijuana propaganda.

Of course, there is no one more closely associated with marijuana fame than Tommy Chong. As one might expect, he isnone too pleased with the Trump White House.

Ryan Adams, the popular singer and songwriter, was upset the second he realized anti-marijuana crusader Jeff Sessions became the U.S. Attorney General.