Catapult Literally Sends Marijuana Flying Over the Mexico Border

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shutterstock 569029492 1

Smugglers went medieval on marijuana, finding a new use for the ancient catapult.

Drug smugglers in Mexico may already be trying out tactics to get marijuana across the border in case President Donald Trump’s wall is built. A catapult used to launch marijuana over a border fence from Mexico into the United States was discovered by agents near the Arizona border. According to CNN, the catapult was found attached to the top of the fence two hours southeast of Tuscon.

The contraption seemed to be made of welded metal posts and rope. Despite its crude construction, the catapult was able to sling 47 pounds of marijuana over the fence.


On February 10, border agents discovered the catapult. As they approached it, several individuals were seen fleeing. The flung marijuana was found nearby on the American side of the border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) notified Mexican authorities who then seized the catapult. CBP later dismantled the smuggler’s apparatus.

Like most of us, border agents were unable to resist finding some humor in the situation. CBP Arizona tweeted “#USBP agents spring into action dismantling catapult used to launch #Marijuana.”

While the marijuana industry is known to be utilizing cutting edge technology, there may be equal innovation in finding new uses for old technology, at least by drug smugglers. Several years ago, border agents discovered over 30 cans full of marijuana that were launched over the border using a t-shirt cannon.

Smugglers’ imagination is not limited to old machinery. Recently, border agents seized 3,947 pounds of marijuana that was hidden inside phony limes in a commercial shipment.

Even if a wall is able to stop undocumented immigrants from entering the United States, it seems that the black market will likely find a way around it. Recently, Trump indicated that his border wall plans will help stop the flow of drugs to New Hampshire. In an age where drones and heat sensing surveillance cameras have been suggested to stem the flow of immigration and drugs, a physical wall seems outdated. Perhaps as outdated as using a catapult to launch marijuana to its desired targets.