Cannabis Mansions Coming to L.A.

Starting at $30m, clients can add a smoking room to their custom build that comes with its own organic garden.

Huntington Estate Properties mgretailer
Huntington Estate Properties mgretailer

LOS ANGELES–A Los Angeles area luxury home builder will introduce cannabis smoking rooms for connoisseur clients that would like to have the option in their custom built estates.

“The whole cannabis side is definitely getting more popular and we feel that it’s going to be a pretty big hit to be able to have a room and sit there and enjoy the cannabis,” Huntington Estate Properties founder Ramtin Ray Nosrati told mgretailer.


“Listen to music, or watch TV, or enjoy the view,” he added. “It’s going to be like having your cigar room that you’re sitting in and smoking your cigar, or a wine cellar that you’re sitting in and having a conversation and a glass of wine. So it’s high end. It’s going to be pretty unique. We are getting some unbelievable amount of feedback. I never thought it was going to be this big.”

“It’s a conversation piece,” Nosrati said.

Clients that want to grow their own will have the option for a built-in garden that can hold a maximum of six cannabis plants, or be converted to an organic garden for other types of plants.

“The other beautiful part that we’re going go ahead and give you the two years of maintenance,” he described. “We have a company that will come by–they’ll go ahead and prep it for you, and maintain it for you, and just keep a close eye one it, and make sure everything is being done correctly.”

Other available options described by Nosrati include “bowling alleys, indoor pools, movie theaters, game rooms, wine cellars, safe rooms, and cigar rooms.” Prices for custom built estate homes that include all the opulent extras start at around $30-40 million.

“I’m always looking for something new to bring to our homes, to the market. Something different and something unique. I think this is something that within the next ten years we’re going to start seeing a lot more of,” he said.

“We’re seeing the whole cannabis side really growing and getting out there a lot more. Adding this to our high-end homes, we feel that it’s going to be a pretty big hit. The guys that we’re dealing with are, you know, are CEOs, musicians, a lot of celebrities, and athletes. It’s getting more popular,” Nosrati added.

Photos included here show a sample smoking room that has been built out on an existing estate. Clients that would like to see options for materials and other smoking room features can make an appointment with Huntington Estate Properties to tour the room.

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