Four-State Update: California Dispensaries Go for Apple Store Ambiance, Pennsylvania…

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California Dispensaries Go for Apple Store Ambiance Over Back-Alley Vibe

As cannabis becomes more accepted in the mainstream, dispensaries are modifying their decor to match the friendlier tone. As the Los Angeles Times reports, one California dispensary, MedMen, blends in almost perfectly with its West Hollywood neighbors. This chic shop utilizes an open floor plan and plenty of bright natural light. “There is no statute that requires tinted windows or bars,” said Adam Bierman, co-founder and chief executive of MedMen.

Applying for Cannabis Grow or Dispensary License Will Cost You Big Money

Applications for dispensaries in Pennsylvania have been made available by the state’s  Department of Health. Unfortunately, serious cash will be needed for those looking to jump into its cannabis industry. Growers will have to provide a non-refundable $10,000 application fee and provide proof that they have at least 2 million in capital. Growers will also have to pay a $200,000 permit fee that will be refunded if a permit is not issued. Dispensary operators will have to pay a $5,000 non-refundable application fee, provide proof of $150,000 in capital, and pay a $30,000 permit fee that will be refunded if they are not approved.

Florida Cannabis Law Implementation Is Causing Tension

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Voters in Florida approved the use of medical cannabis in November. However, the buzz seems to be wearing off quickly. Advocates are accusing state legislators of ignoring the ballot language approved by voters. Amendment 2 stated that physicians would decide whether or not a patient qualified for a cannabis prescription. Proposed rules issued by legislators this week suggested that the Florida Board of Medicine would make those determinations instead. “The rule is basically ignoring the text of the constitutional amendment at almost every point of the way,” said Ben Pollara, campaign manager for United For Care, a cannabis advocacy group that worked to get Amendment 2 passed.

Two Retired Women in Colorado Re-Enter the Workforce With Cannabis Company

Deb Baker, a retired teacher, and Barb Diner, a former marketing executive, have become unlikely members of the budding cannabis industry. The two Colorado residents and longtime friends began to get stir crazy during retirement. They decided to create child-resistant containers for cannabis that would meet the requirements of Colorado law. After being turned off to containers with a chemical smell, Baker and Diner felt they could do better. “We thought consumers would want to store their edibles or medicines in containers that were F.D.A.-approved to store food in,” said Diner, “so we looked into making them from recycled plastic milk jugs.”