Briteside Farces Big Pharma in Prescription Cannabis Ad

640px Sunflowers helianthus annuus

“Sometimes life can be overwhelming…”

Cannabis online marketplace Briteside last week posted a highly produced parody of the typically bright and cheery pharmaceutical ad – only this ad is for prescription cannabis.

Far from the laundry list of typical side effects that sometimes result from taking conventional prescription medicines, there’s no diarrhea, suicidal thoughts, headaches, skin irritations, or bloating described as resulting from medicating with cannabis.


Instead, medical marijuana’s side effects can include, “euphoria, increased appetite, uncontrollable giggles,” as well as “increased sensitivity to musical dopeness.” The humor behind the description of cannabis’ potential interactions is especially amusing, perhaps, because it contains a big seed of truth for many marijuana patients.

Brightside’s delivery service, where available, offers monthly Discovery Box subscription, where patients can receive curated strains, edibles, and other sample products, according to preferences chosen by the patient. “Choose the experience you want, and we’ll send you the dankest herb–the real sticky icky,” Briteside suggested in the video.