Big Mike’s July Fourth Party a Big Hit

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Big Mike’s Advanced Nutrients annual 4th of July fete had plenty of fireworks of all sorts this year. The modern villa on Malibu’s tony coastline was packed with patriotic attendees dressed in their finest red-white-and-blue beach attire.

As you entered the villa, after passing by a vintage army helicopter parked out front with two Marilyn Monroe-like babes sitting in it, the first thing that greeted the guests was a small infinity pool with a stars and stripes mermaid bouncing and bobbing on a hammock above the opaline water. Big Mike made his rounds wearing an army jump-suit as he mingled with guests.


Big MikeThe two-story villa offered a first-class buffet of BBQ, an impressive seafood platter, a hot dog station, and desserts of all kind. Downstairs, there was a dab bar, plenty of couches, and a massive walk-in bathroom that buzzed with conversation. There were two bars, a long balcony with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, and a very popular joint rolling bar helmed by two gorgeous budtenders.Big MikeCelebrities such as Tara Reid, John Salley, Frank Miller, Stephen Belafonte and a smattering of cannabis movers-and-shakers all gazed at the fireworks from the balcony…until the house next door caught fire! Fortunately, no damage was done but TMZ did take notice.