5 Cannabis-infused Snacks for Superbowl Parties

shutterstock 172332077 e1517614378113
shutterstock 172332077 e1517614378113

We all know that the big game is on Sunday, but the Super Bowl is way more than a football game. It has morphed into an American holiday, and the food showcased at Super Bowl parties is often more popular than the game itself. If you and your guests are looking to elevate your party to new heights, check out our list of tasty, cannabis-infused snacks.

Cannabis-infused Freddie Hot Sauce for Super Bowl party snacksFreddie Hot Sauce


Hot wings are a staple of many Super Bowl get-togethers, but marijuana enthusiasts may be looking for a different kind of “fire.” Freddie Hot Sauce is infused with 420mg of THC per bottle. Not a fan of hot wings? Freddie Hot Sauce also makes a mean bloody mary. Check out the recipe on the product’s website.

Yummi Karma medical cannabis Tortilla Chips for Superbowl party snacksYummi Karma Chips

It’s hard to imagine a Super Bowl party without chips. Yummi Karma offers an entire lineup of tasty, gluten-free, infused chips in flavors including barbeque, sour cream & onion, and sriracha. Yummi also offers several flavors of tortilla chips, including nacho cheese and zesty ranch. All chips are free of MSG and are prepared with safflower and sunflower oils.

GanjaEats cannabis-infused dressings for Super Bowl party dipsGanjaEats Ranch and Blue Cheese Dressing

Looking for a slightly healthier snack? If you’re bored with the same old vegetable platter, GanjaEats has you covered. Infused Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings are sure to jazz things up. Each jar contains 300 mg of THC; each serving size contains 9 mg of THC.

Stoner Duck Hemp Beer Super Bowl partyStoner Duck Hemp Ale

Let’s face it: A lot of beer will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. With the popularity of microbrews, Stoner Duck Hemp Ale by Venice Duck may be exactly what you seek. This cannabis beer is 5.6-percent alcohol by volume and does not include any THC. Stoner Duck is brewed with organic hemp, which gives it a mild hint of tea-like aroma.

Wana Brands cannabis-infused game-day gummies for Super BowlGame Day Gummies

The list would not be complete without something sweet. Wana Brands invented marijuana-themed football snacks. Their Game Day Gummies, which include both orange and blueberry flavors, have been enjoyed by Colorado football fans for several years. Just be careful not to overdo it: Each candy contains 100 mg of THC.