420 News, Events, and Cool Stuff You Won’t Want to Miss

netflix grass is greener cannabos documentary snoop killer mike
netflix grass is greener cannabos documentary snoop killer mike

Tomorrow is April 20, a holiday for cannabis that is recognized around the world. We realize you may be bombarded with stories, emails, and social media posts about 420 so we thought we would offer a quick roundup of some of the recent cannabis industry stories in anticipation of the monumental day.

“Grass Is Greener” Netflix cannabis documentary featuring Killer Mike and Snoop Dogg


Netflix is producing more cannabis media and this time it will not be a follow-up season for “Disjointed.” This documentary will focus on the connection between cannabis and music and will feature Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, B-Real, Damian Marley, and others. The documentary will also examine the devastating impact the War on Drugs has had on minority communities and the lack of opportunity for many seeking to join the cannabis industry. Appropriately, “Grass Is Greener” will be available starting on April 20.

Carl’s Jr. to Offer CBD-Infused Burger on 420

Fast food and cannabis jokes have gone hand in hand for a long time but Carl’s Jr. will not be joking around this 420, at least when it comes to their Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight, or CBD burger. The burger will cost $4.20 and will be available on April 20. The CheeseBurger Delight includes two beef patties topped with pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, crunchy fries, and Carl’s Jr. Santa Fe Sauce that is infused with hemp-derived CBD oil from Bluebird Botanicals. The Carl’s Jr. offering the CBD burger is located at 4050 Colorado Boulevard in Denver.

National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C.

Cannabis may still be illegal on a federal level but that will not stop one of the largest cannabis events in the United States from being held in the nation’s capital. The annual National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. will commence on April 20 at the grounds of RFK Stadium. It will feature artists such as Action Bronson and Ludacris. The event will also feature education forums and tasty treats. You can purchase tickets here.

Notorious B.I.G.’s son Launches Cannabis Brand

As we enjoy the growing mainstream popularity of cannabis this 420, it is important to take note of how we got here. Many activists and artists spent time in jail for cannabis possession including one of hip hop’s most iconic figures, the Notorious B.I.G. Now his son, C.J. Wallace, a successful actor in his own right, is launching his own cannabis brand called Think B.I.G. Wallace was influenced by his family’s positive experience with cannabis and would like to see all aspects of his father’s legacy discussed. “All I heard growing up was the bad stuff… that he was a drug dealer, a gangsta rapper, a criminal. Now that I’ve grown older, I realize he was a father, a loving son, someone who cared about his friends, girlfriends, and wives. That’s what I want to honor,” Wallace said.