Evolve Formulas Food Truck Event at Lightshade-Peoria Provides Meals for 800 in Need


Evolve Formulas supported one of Denver’s most vulnerable populations in February through a unique charity initiative. A Kitchen One-For-One food truck served up a variety of delicious menu items to Evolve customers at the Lightshade-Peoria dispensary. For every meal provided to Lightshade employees and customers, a meal was donated to those in need. Approximately 800 meals will be provided to homeless members of the local community as a result of the initiative.

“We organized this lunch as a way of saying thank you to Evolve customers and to help the local community. We’re a Denver-born and Denver-based business and we believe in supporting the local community,” said David Sutton, COO and President, NanoSphere Health Sciences and Evolve Formulas. “This event is part of our wider strategy to work closely with dispensaries on partnership benefits, while also contributing to an important cause. Kitchen One-For-One provide great food and donate 100 percent of the profits to those in need, making them our ideal charity partner.”


Evolve Formulas is a brand of NanoSphere Health Sciences and provider of the companies pioneering product, Transdermal NanoSerum™, which is the first and only transdermal cannabis product that nanoencapsualates cannabis molecules allowing them to penetrate the skin membrane and enter the bloodstream in less than three minutes for relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety within ten minutes.

Lightshade-Peoria is one of 93 dispensaries in Denver that stocks NanoSerum.