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Cannabis industry news is for all stories except press releases and products.

Dispensary Design 2021 Atrium Topanga mg Magazine mgretailer

Dispensary Design Trends for 2021

My first assignment for mg Magazine in early 2019 took me into the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood of Woodland Hills to profile a dispensary...
Brad Rogers of Red White & Bloom on building a cannabis brand

Red White & Bloom’s Brad Rogers on Building a Cannabis Brand

Brad Rogers learned about the potency of brand equity early in his career, long before the first sale of legal cannabis took place in...
SMS cannabis marketing text messaging mg Magazine mgretailer

For Effective SMS Marketing, Pick the Right Approach

Marketing email open rates typically average between 15 percent and 25 percent. While the method is the most widely employed means of customer contact,...
nanoemulsions oil drops mg Magazine mgretailer

Cannabis Nanoemulsions Explained, Finally

“Nano” has become one of the latest buzzwords appearing on cannabis packaging, but consumers and companies are confused about what the word really means....
5 Things Every CBD Product Retailer Must Understand mg Magazine mgretailer

5 Things Every CBD Product Retailer Must Understand

As any established brand already should know, cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid widely known for its healing benefits. The compound has been shown...
Salvera cannabis dispensary mg Magazine mgretailer

5 Dispensary Merchandising Best Practices for Better Sales

In certain retail industries, engaging with a salesperson usually is required to close a sale. Car dealerships, cell phone stores, and real estate transactions...