California Wildfires Burning Marijuana Farms

California Wildfires Marijuana

Raging fires in northern California are scorching marijuana farms just as the industry prepares for legal recreational sales.

Fall in northern California is usually about cooler weather and beautiful foliage. But for many, it is also about the marijuana harvest.

Unfortunately, the current wildfires could make this upcoming harvest far less plentiful than normal. The fires have already claimed the lives of 17 people so far. It is estimated that over 2,000 structures, including many homes, have also burned. Some of those structures have included the homes and fields of Californian marijuana farmers in Mendicino County, Sonoma County, and Napa County.

“The October 2017 firestorm is having an extremely severe impact on our communities,” said Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association. “It is the worst year on record, and the worst year I can remember, in terms of farms lost. We have been able to confirm seven farms lost, but we expect the number to be much higher as more information comes in.”

Northern California has a long history of marijuana growing. Many farmers have invested their entire life savings into their operations. Marijuana is still outlawed on a federal level so these farms are not able to be insured leaving in a tough position to quickly rebuild.

We hope that no further loss of life or livelihood is reported. Our thoughts and prayers are with anyone impacted by the fires.