Congressional Committee Advances Legislation to Expand Cannabis Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Legislation to expand access to cannabis products for clinical research has advanced in the House Energy and Commerce Committee....

Budgeting for Technology and Change

One consistent trend in the conversations I’ve had with business owners and operators from different backgrounds across the country is increasingly obvious:...

Is CBN a Sleep Panacea? Science Doesn’t Support the Myth.

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Supply Chain Systems Are Broken. Can RFID Fix Them?

No one who has a toll transponder in their car misses the days of scrambling for loose change while drivers behind you...

Is CBG the New CBD?

You’ve heard all about CBD and its amazing effects. Whether or not you sell CBD products, you may be tired of hearing...

What’s in Your Weed?

Plants that yield beneficial compounds and raw materials—useful crops like corn or tobacco—go from being greenery to commodities to products for consumer...

Newly Discovered Cannabis Compound May Be 30 Times More Potent than THC

A recently discovered cannabis compound could be up to 30 times stronger than THC, the cannabinoid associated with creating cannabis' well-known psychedelic...

Cannabis Causes Controversy at CES Trade Show

LAS VEGAS – Iconic tech trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, which is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology...

Researchers Discover Two New Cannabinoids

Italian researchers announced in late December they have discovered two new phytocannabinoids, the active compounds found in cannabis plants. The compounds have...

SpaceX to Send Hemp to International Space Station

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), a private aerospace company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, soon will embark on a delivery mission to...