Whoopi & Maya Consciously Combat PMS

WhoopiMaya Shot 02 150 RT
WhoopiMaya Shot 02 150 RT

From ancient tribes to Queen Victoria of Great Britain, women have used cannabis for centuries to ease muscular spasms and contractions like those that occur in the uterus during menstruation.

So for Whoopi Goldberg, who uses marijuana to treat glaucoma, looking into creating medical cannabis products designed specifically for relief from menstrual discomfort was a no-brainer. She rapidly discovered women’s products were under-represented in the burgeoning field. When she met Maya Elisabeth, creator of High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning products, a dynamic duo was formed. The two women quickly realized their goals and dreams aligned and they could, in fact, create something from which half the planet could benefit. Or at least half the population of California, for now.

Organically and compassionately formulated for menstruating and menopausal women, the Whoopi & Maya product line is created by women for women. “Our whole line is about compassion, versatility, relief, self-care, and pleasure,” explained Elisabeth. But that doesn’t mean the products are just for women. The cacao and bath salts, for example, don’t contain hormone-balancing herbs and can and should be enjoyed by everyone.


“Cannabis does not discriminate… Our products are wonderful for transgender people and also for people who have had hysterectomies. We have also found a lot of success with menopausal women.” – Maya Elisabeth

The company’s in-house herbalist nurtures the creation of the product line. “Her ability to communicate with plants is astounding, and it’s bringing so many women relief,” said Elisabeth. She and Goldberg source their cannabis from an all-female collective of growers. “The quality of our products begins with our organic farmers, who uphold the highest and most meticulous practices while cultivating the cannabis, which is produced in the full sun, by an all-female collective, in the most ecologically sound way,” Elisabeth said.

Whoopi & Maya’s priority and focus is making quality medicine. “One hundred and ten percent of our energy goes into the quality of the products we create, and we believe that everything else is a side effect,” Elisabeth said. “We have many dreams of expansion for the future, as we would love to see our medicine available to as many people that need it as possible. At this point, we will probably be starting with other states that have legal cannabis, with the hope to get it to Canada and other places abroad, as soon as possible.”


Whoopi & Maya clearly know exactly what women desire: to relax, savor, soak, and rub sore bodies.

Whoopi & Maya, Savor, Edibles
Photograph by: Allison Beckett

Everyone loves chocolate, but a PMSing woman needs it. Chocolate provides antioxidants and boosts serotonin levels in the brain, improving mood. Savor is raw, cannabis-infused cacao, available in two-ounce or four-ounce jars and THC or CBD formulations. It’s organic, vegan, and sweetened with raw agave. Make a hot cocoa or enjoy it straight.

Whoopi & Maya, Rub, Cannabis Products, medical marijuana
Photograph by: Allison Beckett

The body balm, Rub, contains carefully chosen herbs that are powerful healers for the female reproductive system. White willow bark, for instance, “is a powerful analgesic just like cannabis. It’s actually the first herb they used to make aspirin,” Elisabeth explained, adding that red raspberry leaf is a uterine toner and helps to regulate women’s cycles.

Whoopi & Maya, Soak, bath salt, medical marijuana
Photograph by: Allison Beckett

To Soak in amber and lavender cannabis-infused bath salts while menstruating (or not) is a luxurious escape. The oils are physically calming but also aromatic, encouraging deep breathing as one relaxes into hot water. Bathe at night and leave the oil on the skin to soothe and nourish and to continue the magic of aromatherapy.

Whoopi & Maya, relax, tincture, medical marijuana, whoopi goldberg
Photograph by: Allison Beckett

Relax is an herbal tincture, available in a 100mg or 200mg THC bottle. Herbs like motherwort, cramp bark (named for its healing ability), and passionflower help to restore calm and balance and ease muscle pain, providing relief from menstrual discomfort. Organic, unfiltered honey, a nutrient-dense superfood, makes Relax an even sweeter treat.

Giving back: Compassion is at the core of Whoopi & Maya’s business model. The company gifts a cannabis-infused olive oil to dispensaries, specifically for patients in need who cannot afford medicine.

“A friend of mine was talking about a few famous people launching marijuana lines, and I asked if anyone was doing a menstrual line, and they laughed at me,” Goldberg told The New York Times Magazine. “They called it a niche market. But the niche is half the population on Earth.”