Vaping Dos and Don’ts

Vaping mg magazine April 2018
Vaping mg magazine April 2018

If you’re selling vaping products, from vape pens to mods to desktop models like Volcano, you need to know the dos and don’ts for using them. Knowing the common mistakes and questions customers have about vaping will help you improve your customer service approach and increase sales. Here’s what we’ve found to be helpful for vape shop owners to know.


Know why.

Knowing why your customer is vaping is important, because this is the key to knowing which vaping products are right for them. If they’re vaping to transition from regular cigarettes, you’ll want to sell them an e-juice that has a percentage of nicotine. Vapers who weren’t smokers will be more inclined to use a juice that contains no nicotine. If they want clouds, you can launch into the finer details of vaping kits and e-juice composition.


Find out what kinds of cannabis products customers want to vape, because not all vape models can handle all forms. Some vape mods are meant for dry herbs, while others are strictly for concentrates like waxes and oils. Some companies make vapes that can do all three by simply switching out a cartridge.

Be informed.

Knowing the exact models of vape mods, tanks, and coils, as well as vape juice varieties, is crucial, but you can’t puff on them all. Supplementing your knowledge by reading reviews on various vape sites or watching reviews on YouTube can be immensely helpful.

Care for e-liquid properly.

While vaporizer maintenance is of paramount importance, the proper storage of vape juice can ensure it has a long life. You might want to keep it in a fridge to ensure the juice doesn’t degrade. Heat can cause e-juice to expand, and that can cause problems. Keeping juice out of direct sunlight also helps ensure vape liquid stays flavorful.

Clean mods.

Keeping the connections free of sticky e-juice and debris and ensuring the battery compartment is clean keeps vape mods working like new. Teach customers how to clean their atomizer tank as well as the mouthpiece. These tend to get dirty and gummed up quickly.


Don’t assume you can vape anywhere.

Like smoking, many homeowners and business owners might not be amenable t vaping. Some municipalities have vaping laws similar to those regulating smoking in public places. Tell customers about the regulations if they’re new, so they don’t step into an unpleasant situation.

Don’t use damaged batteries.

Always make sure batteries are intended for vaping and are correctly inserted. Using batteries whose wrappings have come off or that have scratches can cause problems for your device. If you use a USB charger, make sure the cord isn’t damaged and the plug is properly inserted.

Don’t ‘burn’ it.

Vaping takes place at high temperatures. Vape devices are manufactured to handle these temperatures. However, leaving a mod in a car on a hot, sunny day can lead to a broken mod or, at the worst, a fire. Warn customers about these issues. Vaping on burned coils tastes awful, too, so make sure they don’t activate the mod for too long and tell them to change their coils regularly, especially for desktop models like Volcano.

These are just a few of the do’s and don’ts of vaping. While common sense plays a huge part in most of these statements, some are not as obvious as others.

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