Tip Jar: Dispensing Medicine With Budtender Cameron Mason of Good Chemistry

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IMG 0115 cc web

Before he was hired at Good Chemistry in April 2015, Cameron Mason, 30, worked the graveyard shift in the housekeeping department at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center, where a giant blue bear looks into the building.

After eight years in the job, he segued to Good Chemistry by chance. “I was coming in to shop, and I was approached by the store manager,” he said. “He asked about my situation after he’d been told by a few employees that I was interested in entering the industry.” Mason raced home to grab a copy of his resume. “The rest is history,” he said.



It has always been an “each one teach one” kind of atmosphere as far as how we impart knowledge to one another. I had no retail experience nor any in the cannabis industry prior to coming to Good Chemistry. I was hired right before the big 4/20 weekend, so I had to get caught up to speed fast. Luckily, I was walked through the steps thoroughly and had the support of my peers and management, so I got the hang of things quickly.


I’m a local hip-hop/rap recording artist. I go by U.T.I.C.A.: Undeniably the Illest Cat Around. So, when I’m not at the shop, I’m either performing around Denver, crafting new music, or promoting online to further my audience.

Career or passion

The cannabis industry is exactly where I wanted to be once I left my old job and, fortunately, I found myself employed with one of the most reputable and fastest growing companies in the nation. It was a big leap, but at this point I’m not only passionate about what I do but I’m also very grateful just to be a part of it all.


There are a lot of policies and procedures set in place with both Good Chemistry and Colorado’s MED [Marijuana Enforcement Division]. Sometimes new legislation and regulations can make how we operate as a store more challenging, but we support good regulation and work through those challenges.

Promotions, sales, private labels

Good Chemistry tries to keep our promotions fresh and interesting all year. All of our strains are $30 per eighth every day. Good Chemistry’s newest product is rosin, a solvent-less hash oil that is made without butane, propane, or CO2. We also have a line of Good Chemistry-branded products, including hoodies, sunglasses, grinders, and more.