Top Shelf: Las Vegas’s The+Source Comes Up a Royal Flush

TheSource Full Interior 1
TheSource Full Interior 1

Andrew M. Jolley, the founder and chief executive of The+Source, was born and raised in Las Vegas. When he turned eighteen, however, he left and didn’t come back for fifteen years. He began his career in IT consulting and software development, then transitioned to real estate in the early 2000’s. However, when Nevada passed SB374 in 2013, paving the way for legal dispensaries, he quickly decided to apply for a license—and finally return home.

“We were successful in obtaining all of the licenses we applied for and have been on this exciting roller coaster ever since,” Jolley noted with a chuckle. “We finally opened our first location on December 10, 2015. Our Henderson location opened in September, 2016.”


The idea for The+Source came when Jolley lost one of his closest life-long friends to an accidental opioid overdose in 2001. He died in his sleep next to his wife and three-year-old daughter. He wanted to treat his conditions with cannabis but found it difficult to do so in Las Vegas. “I’ve always believed cannabis has been unfairly demonized and that we need to have sensible reforms to both medical and recreational use. I was very excited to be a part of the societal transformation that is happening in our country and in Nevada,” said Jolley.

When it came time for the design, Jolley assembled a design team including architect Garry Hoholik and a retail design expert, Semone Gell, who helped shape the look. “We were also very fortunate to have partners who own and operate a dispensary in Arizona who helped build upon their experience to design a store that would create a positive patient experience,” said Jolley. 

“In the end the buzz words were: Modern, industrial, clinical, simple, organic. Elevate magazine named us the Apple store of dispensaries,” he continued. “The company has grown quickly. They now have 52 employees companywide, 20 of whom work at the dispensary. We take employee training very seriously and are happy to have Dr. Troutt conduct monthly training for our staff.”

Known as a very budtender-friendly dispensary, Jolley looks to hire compassionate and knowledgeable staff. “I am continually impressed with the feedback we hear from our customers about our staff, especially our patient advisors,” said Jolley.

The+Source’s menu is impressive. Jolley is particularly proud of their home-grown flower and hand-crafted vapor products. Their flower is consistently praised by patients for being super high-quality. Their in-house CO2 vapor cartridges are very clean and contain extremely high-quality oil. In addition to carrying their own products, they also carry brands such as Evergreen Organix (a top seller for edibles), Charlottes Web (a super-seller for CBD), The Cannavative Group and Cannabiotix.

To be sure, The+Source has succeeded due to their staff and menu selection. “We are very proud of the team we have assembled. They are knowledgeable, approachable and very cool to work with. Our purchasing team work very hard to get the best products available on our shelves. Our customers tell us we have the best selection in town,” said Jolley.

As the the process to obtain a Nevada patient card becomes a lot simpler and easy, The+Source’s daily customer visits increases monthly. Patients can apply online and can get their approval letter same-day. Plus, patients no longer have to go to the DMV to pick up their card. “Our patients come from all walks of life and age groups. In fact, the largest segment of Nevada patient card holders is 55-64 years old,” noted Jolley.

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