The Recommender: Products that are Kind to the Earth

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James Eichner, co-founder of Sana Packaging, recommends…


Flower is all about the grower, and I like mine sustainably produced and sun-grown. Some of my favorites include the Royal Kush grown by Earthworks Farm in Mendocino County (part of the Flow Kana cooperative:, Super Fruit grown by Huckleberry Hill Farms ( in southern Humboldt County, and Amnesia Haze grown by the Burnside Garden Collective in Portland, Oregon.



This goes to Alpine Infusions by Alpine Wellness ( in Telluride, Colorado. Alpine Wellness is the longest running dispensary in the area, and their Ganjala—scrumptious flavored caramels—is what put their edibles brand on the map. Ganjala has been affectionately dubbed “pleasantly potent” due to its particular dosing. Everything Alpine makes is tasty and dosed properly, because they only use infused butter for baking.


I don’t always vape, but when I do I prefer the Firefly 2 ( This handsome device uses convection instead of conduction and heats across a wide range of temperatures with each hit, resulting in superior terpene profiles. You can also control the temperature from your phone.


My go-to is Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm ( I use the 1:3 THC:CBD formulation after running, and it always does the trick. I also like Farmhouse Hemp’s Lavender Lemongrass CBD Salve ( Unlike most companies they use hemp rosin, which they make by applying only heat and pressure to organically grown hemp. Truly unique.


UnCanny Wellness ( makes fantastic water-soluble, full-spectrum hemp extract drink blends in four categories: Balance, Relief, Calm, and Protect. You can add the extract to pretty much whatever you’re drinking. What makes the product so appealing? It’s easily dose-able; you are in control to choose how much you want with the measured scooper that’s included. They also make capsules and powder.


I live in Venice, California, and I love my neighborhood spot, the Rose Collective ( I’m also a big fan of Smokey’s ( in Fort Collins, Colorado; Moss Crossing ( in Eugene, Oregon; and Hashtag Cannabis ( in Seattle.


Flow Kana (—hands down. They were the first sustainable, sun-grown cannabis brand to represent two of California’s most special micro-climates and their small-farmer ecosystems. The industry needs more companies like Flow Kana that support small cannabis farms. On that note, I want to give a shout-out to all the co-ops and collectives out there working to help small cannabis farms succeed in the age of legalization.


Leafly ( It’s the easiest and most reliable way to research dispensaries on the go. The company also has grown into a reputable industry news outlet, which I check every day.

Sana Packaging designs and develops differentiated, sustainable, and compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry using 100-percent plant-based hemp plastic. Sana was founded on the conviction packaging should be regenerative and help heal the environment throughout its lifecycle.

(Photograph by Chris Dodds.)