The Dos and Don’ts of Budtending With Senior Patients

Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 1.42.30 PM
Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 1.42.30 PM


  • Let them ask lots of questions. “Also, ask them lots of questions,” said Shannon Ayers, head budtender at Parlour Cannabis Shoppe in Portland, Oregon.
  • Be patient. You may have to give an impromptu cannabis lesson for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Repeat yourself as many times as needed. “Make sure you have the time to see the transaction through to the end,” said Ayers.
  • Ask for feedback. “Be prepared to listen to that feedback,” said Ayers.
  • Let them handle and touch the products. “Start with topicals,” Ayers suggested
  • Help them understand ingredients. “Start them with microdosed edibles,” said Ayers.


  • Talk down to them. Remember: They are trying to improve their health and probably are nervous.
  • Use slang terms. “Seniors must be met at the point they are coming from,” said Ayers.
  • Come at them with too many acronyms and terms. Cannabis can be intimidating, so use simple and direct language.
  • Rush them. “As seniors return to holistic and natural medicine, they will have many questions and need to feel comfortable,” said Ayers.
  • Over-promise results.
  • Understate the possible effects of products. This is especially true with edibles.

From 2006 to 2013, cannabis consumption by seniors increased by 250%

Source: Leafly