The 710: A Quick Glossary for Marijuana Oils and Concentrates

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shutterstock 505986136

710: upside down, spells “OIL.”

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)/Budder/Honey/Honey Oil: A highly potent concentrate of cannabinoids made by dissolving marijuana in plant form in a solvent (usually butane). BHO has a high THC potency and is highly flammable.


Closed-loop Extraction: A process in which the cannabinoid oils are extracted from marijuana in a contained, mechanized environment.

CO2 Extraction: The process through which carbon dioxide is utilized to extract the cannabinoid oils—marijuana’s “liquid gold”—from a marijuana plant.

Dabbing: The practice of smoking THC-rich extracts of the cannabis plant in the form of oils, waxes, or shatter usually prepared with butane.

Hash: The serum, or resin, collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant.

Jelly Hash: Slang for the mixture of cannabis water hash and cannabis hash oil. Making jelly hash is simple: add hash oil to some water hash under a small flame and mix the two together until the solution is mostly homogeneous.

Kief: A yellow powder, the resin of cannabis that accumulates or is extracted from loose dry cannabis flower with a mesh screen or a sieve

Live Rosin: Rosin extracted from fresh or frozen flower that was never cured or dried.

Nug Run: Concentrate made from nugs

Oil: Oil is extracted from hash through alcohol, CO2, or any other solvent extraction process, and can be consumed through dabbing, oral consumption, vaporization, or smoking.

Oil Rig: A device or bong for smoking cannabis concentrates.

Marijuana, Shatter, cannabis, 710, oil, concentrates, extractsShatter: A brittle form of BHO. It has the look of transparent amber glass and has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type of extract.

Tincture: A liquid preparation of cannabis (extract or plant-based) made with alcohol and usually dispensed with a dropper under the tongue.

Topical: A preparation of cannabis that has been added to a product such as a lotion or a cream, and is applied directly to the skin.

Trim Run: Concentrate made from the trimmings of a cannabis plant.

Vaporizer: A smoking device used to consume marijuana or tobacco products by heating the oils (or flower) and creating a vapor for the user to inhale.

Wax: A common name for marijuana concentrates. It is a softer, opaque oil that has lost its transparency through the extraction process.